Thursday, June 14, 2007


Welcome to the GOM-based educational game workshop. The objectives of the workshop are:
  • Exploration of educational games designed using the Game Object Model to develop a better understanding of educational games;
  • Deconstruction of the Game Object Model to build insights into the complex relationships between educational games, authentic tasks, narrative spaces, gender, social interactions and development of challenges, puzzles or quests to support learning activities; and
  • Develop insight into the use of the Game Achievement Model (GAM) that provides a framework for game designers to link learning theory to game design.
The most recent formulation of the GOM is found in AMORY, A. 2007. Game Object Model Version II: A Theoretical framework for educational game development. Educational Technology, Research & Development 55(1): 51 – 77. Available on-line ( which you should receive via email.

I look forward to our afternoon together and encourage you to introduction yourself here.

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